During the process of load and unload could be observed that often the merchandise is unprotected before the weather conditions (rain, hail, snow...) and even insects and birds that damage the commodities. To combat all this we present our extensible tunnel, a retractable independent store that provides a covered area, to store and protect the packed material.

Extensible tunnel consists on a set of arches connected to each other through bars, all in galvanized steel that does not need maintenance. A practical and efficient plug-in for all trading company, which protects products during the process of load and unload.

The extensible tunnel slides through the advance and turning of steel wheels provided with spherical supports, placed in a coating with patented safety of Kopron brand, and a device with a special profile of 8 mm thick, wind-resistant and that prevent derailments.

The guides are made of a profile of galvanised pressed steel with a thickness of 5 mm. Complete with brackets or perforated plates to be anchored to a reinforced concrete plate.

It consists in a PVC fabric, with a thickness of 900 g/m2, reinforced in areas which may be subject in further deterioration to the use. Offers a high resistance against atmospheric agents, supporting extreme working temperatures.

Working temperature: - 30 ° C + 70 ° C
Fireproof: Class 2
Folding resistance: 100.000 folds in the same place.

-PVC roll up curtains.
-Different types of doors.
-Security door for pedestrians.
-Transparent sectors.
-Double ceiling.
-Ventilation ducts.
-PVC anti-moisture ceiling.
-Assembly of colors.
-Company logo.

We have the following colours apply in different parts of the tunnel (cover, sides, front and rear stripes).