The Speed Door dock bumpers for dock shelters cushion collision of the truck at the time of load or unload, preventing damage.


SD-ADB rubber bumper
Tope de goma SD-ADBImpact rubber bumpers are made with impact of long-lasting rubber to protect buildings and vehicles. All of them are equipped with built-in mounting holes.
Available for different applications, dashboards, and plates of protection available in steel galvanized or RAL 9005 finish.
Different sizes and models.

SD-ADB-ES durable armoured bumper
Tope de muelle extra fuerte SD-ADB-ESSD-ADB-ES dock bumper is best for the intensive use of the dock shelter, very wear-resistant.
It is constructed from a steel base of 8 mm, rubber bumper and a 10 mm folded plate armor. These dock bumpers are good for dock levellers with hinged and telescopic nail.
Consoles and protective plates come in standard galvanized, previously are mounted and it can be ordered with galvanized finish. (ES-305).

SD-ANB sliding nylon bumper
Tope de muelle de nylon SD- ANBIt is ideal for use with air suspension trailer, prevents damage to docks and loading trucks. Also follow upward and downward movement of the trailer.
SD-ANB dock bumper is made with a sturdy steel console in which a molded nylon block can be moved up and down. Between the back plate of the console and the top nylon, there is a rubber cushion.

SD-LDB dock bumper Lamina
Tope de muelle Laminas SD- LDBVertical sheets dock bumper SD-LDB is made of 8 mm steel, 16 blades rubbers that absorb the force of impact and a plate of armor. Dock bumper is suitable for dock levellers with a hinged or telescopic.
Spring blades SD - LDB stop is assembled prior to delivery and is delivered in a galvanized finish.

SD-SDB adjustable stepped dock bumper
Tope de muelle escalonado SD- SDBSD-SDB adjustable stepped dock bumpers are ideal for staggered docks, are made of a sturdy steel frame, a robust steel slide and a block of standard rubber damping.
Dock bumpers are pre-assembled and are supplied in standard galvanized.
They adapt perfectly to elevators with hinged posts and runners. By the depth from the top of SD-SDB dock, an entry hinged 500mm (optional) is recommended.