Door fast roll-up, to work in wet environments and low temperatures, resistant to pressure from air.
Designed to combine with conventional Chamber doors.
High resistance and thermal insulation.
Double thermal canvas, which ensures the insulation and minimizes condensation.
Excellent security systems.
Very fluid goods and people crossing.
Frame and curtain of canvas to choose among several possibilities, including door viewers.
It acts with different opening systems.
Low maintenance.

  • Self-supporting metal frame:
    • galvanized steel.
    • stainless steel.
    • painted in polyurethane (colour RAL).
  • Backdrop: two canvases of polyester high resistance to wear, corrosion and fading, with insulating filling.
  • Self-extinguishing M2 fire resistance.
  • Lateral guides with brushes from leaks.
  • Optional: guides heating.
  • Three-phase motor with electric brake of soft stop c/c++ and manual release.
  • Mechanical limit switches integrated in the engine to control the position of the door.
  • Standard speed between 1 and 1.8 m/s.
  • Security systems.
  • It complies with the standards d/Cat3 PL and PL e/Cat4 (EN ISO 130849-1) and SIL 3 (EN62061).
  • Designed with CE standards and the directive places of work UVV, including the rules of the European Parliament EN 13241-1 and 98/37/EG.

Maximum dimensions: 4600 mm X 5600 mm.
Minimum threshold: 450 mm.
Vertical Bracelet (non-drive side): 200 mm.
Vertical wrist (motor side): 650 mm.


All of our doors are manufactured in sel-suporting frame, of profiled galvanized sheet steel of 2 mm thick. Given normal galvanized, with the possibility of be delivered in primed finish wash primmer or painted with polyurethane paint (colour RAL desired by the client and/or stainless steel).
Vertical guides series highlights with sealing brushes to prevent the entry of dust or air currents.
Galvanized thickness: 2 mm. Quality: DX51D Z-275NA
Steel stainless thickness: 2 mm. Quality: AISI 304


Curtain sided with insulating material filling.

Technical features
Polyester support: 1100 Dtex.
Total weight: 900 g/m2
Breaking strength: 400 / 360 daN / 5 cm
Tear resistance: 80/60 daN
Adhesion: 12 daN / 5 cm
Temperature resistance: - 30 ° 7 + 70 °
Lacquered: 2 faces
Windows: PVC, glass of high resistance



Three-phase motor with direct attack on the primary shaft, electric brake of soft stop c/c++ and manual release of the crank at the height of the engine. Limit switches mechanical or encoder integrated in the engine to control the position of the door at any moment.

Technical characteristics
Rpm: 1400
Voltage: 220 / 380
Phases: III
Power: 0.75 3 CV according to door
Protection: IP 54
Brake: electromagnetic
Input rpm: 1400
RPM output: 92 142


Through photocells transceiver in the vertical door guides, with security system type test before performing maneuvers of closing.
Bottom of the curtain with conveyor systems antisquash safety, with detector type optical supervised at all times, inside bottom of danger, signposted as mobile danger zone finished yellow diagonal stripes in black. Signal system of the same type Radioband radio monitored before the closing manoeuvre, thus avoiding the placement of curly dock type cables.
Optionally door can provide a system of opening by battery type ups (uninterrupted power supply) in case of alarm or power supply failure.

Metal box for the maneuvers of control, designed for Speed Door España complying with regulations of electric protection of low voltage. In the joins a circuit board with control logic, designed to perform thousands of operations a day, equipped with LEDs for control functions or possible anomalies of the door.
Contactors, motor guard, adjustable, pre-installation of detector receiver, magnetic or flashing lights. Buttons for opening, closing, emergency stop and led indicator of voltage on front cover. Connection to their diet with 1.5 metres of cable 5 x 2.5, with plug 16 A Cetac type.


In Speed Door we have a wide range of drives with different controls, buttons, and other systems to optionally include in our doors, with the aim of facilitating the transit of goods, personal or vehicles.
-Handles ceiling.
-Photoelectric cells.
-Motion and presence detector.
-Transmitter remote.
-Additional buttons.
-Interconnection with any machine, roller, or assembly line.

Download tab technique fast door roller SD - PROFRIGO (conservation)

Download tab technique fast door roller SD - PROFRIGO (freezing)