The steel loading bridges of SPEED DOOR is intended to level the receiver store and the truck, with a manual management and simple, without any effort.

The Speed Door steel loading bridges are focused on covering the space between the loading docks and surface load of vehicles and parts of the building where the merchandise is located. Characterized by its strength and safety, appropriate for use by individuals and teams of manual and motorized transport (forklifts), even in the worst situations.

Consists of a robust steel top platform with its engraved surface antideslizamientos, reinforced with profiles of cold on its underside.

It has a joint of low reasoning, zero maintenance and is insensitive to the entrance of dirt and foreign bodies. It consists of two radial bearings for vertical support and two tandem rollers with flexible rolling system, which allowed, in vacuum, an easy sliding by rail and acts at the time of receiving a charge.

Your leveling by springs tensile alloy steel, high ratio between strength and resilience, will void the weight of the platform and get a management effortlessly between the receiver store and the truck leveling. Waiting with lock position, prevents accidental collisions in the regression and approximation of the vehicle.

All SPEED DOOR loading bays, meet the standard UNE EN 1398, applicable in the field of design, production and use of platforms for charging the springs.

800 mm / 1000 mm. / 1.200 mm. / 1,500 mm.

1500 mm / 2000 mm.

Maximum load: 5000 kg