The wide range of lifting tables of Speed Door, with its usual reliability and security, represents an optimal solution for multiple requirements of vertical movements.
The safety of the operator during use of our lifting tables is a priority

The standard of our lifting tables equipment includes:

-Security perimeter security to automatically cut the itinerary of drop in the case of interference with foreign bodies.

- Pantograph distanced to avoid dangers of shear during the movement of the lifting table.

- Automatic blocking valves of the descent of the lifting tables in case of breakage of hydraulic pipeline.

- Protection against overload of the lifting table.

-Control of low voltage (24V) with present man button (up-down) + emergency stop.

-Mechanical locking bar to safely do the performance of maintenance of the lifting table.

-Rings for suspension and positioning of the lifting table.


Lifting tables can be used for a variety of applications, so it is not possible to have a range of standard that complies with all requests. To select the appropriate table, it is necessary to know the type of work that the table should be.

Technical characteristics:


-Dimension of the table.



-Position of the electro-hydraulic control panel (internal or external).

-Number of cycles per hour.

-Lifting time

- Type of surface (smooth sheet or lacquered)

Type of installation:

-Installation in pit or not.

-Installation indoors or outdoors.

-Installation in area with danger of explosion (ATEX).

Characteristics of the load:



-Type of work.

-Movement on the platform.


-Table of simple pantograph.

-Double pantograph vertical table.

-Super slim table.

-Table for loading on vehicles.

-Double pantograph horizontal table.


-Tabs (skirt) for charging of vehicles.

-Lateral protection in metallic NET (mail).

-Bellows in PVC perimeter protection.

-Road roller.

-Lateral tilt.

-Horquillable lower chassis.


-Reinforcement for passage of trucks.

-Safety handrails.

En Speed Door somos fabricante de tables lift ferrosol and we offer service of supply, installation and maintenance of all the Spanish territory through our delegations, where we also have a team of professionals in the manufacturing of high speed doors donde contamos con una amplia gama de puertas.

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