Dock lights illuminate the length of trailers and improve safety during loading and unloading. They have a simple mechanism, can be easily connected in a plug or it can also be connected in dock leveller on the loading bay or in an industrial door control panel.

In Speed Door we have two types of dock lights.

LED dock light SD-ADL-LED12
SD-ADL-LED12 dock light has an average of 50,000 hours of life without changing light bulbs and only need 24W of power. It also has a great energy efficiency and provides energy savings of 84% on a light spring of incandescence, with a 150W bulb.

Black plastic housing is equipped with a handle. Aluminum radiator provides air flow during use. The attachment point is reinforced with steel.

Without filaments that are breakable, LED head is very durable and with a greater chance of surviving an accidental impact.

Double dock light arm is made of sturdy profiles and comes color yellow RAL 1023 safety or finish galvanized powder coated.

The scope of supply includes a lamp, arm swinging and wiring kit.

Luz de Muelle

LED dock light SD-SD-ADL-LED220
SD-ADL-LED220 dock light has an average of 50,000 hours of life without changing the lamp and is fed only by 16W, also has efficiency energy and save 89% energy on a filament with a 150W lamp light.

The durable aluminum casing is coated on finishing powder for maximum visibility safety yellow, besides its small size minimizes accidents by impact and stays cool during use. Acrylic lens, resistant to impacts.

Without filaments that break, LED head is very durable and more easily survive an impact.

Double strut dock light arm is made of very sturdy profiles and comes to light yellow powder-coated RAL 1023 security or galvanized finish.

The supply includes the kit with the lamp, safety yellow colour oscillating Heath and its corresponding wiring.