The height LIMITERS FERROSOL of SPEED DOOR are intended to protect the edges of the thresholds of doors, as well as Act of height limiters to prevent damage by impact of high level that such costs and are dangerous.

The height LIMITERS FERROSOL, in addition to warn drivers of vehicles or load carrying are too high, preventing damage by impact where there is a risk of high level, such as: upper pipes, wire brackets, lines of supply of air or gas or ventilation ducts of tall vehicles, loads of vehicles or forklifts forklift masts.

In addition, when entries installed roll-up doors, the FERROSOL height LIMITERS protect from impacts, roll-up doors on the sides of the opening and the door itself closed in the top channels.

In Speed Door we are manufacturer of height ferrosol limiters and we offer service of supply, installation and maintenance of all the Spanish territory through our delegations, where we also have a team of professionals in the manufacturing of load coats designed for sites which require optimum sealing and adaptation to volumetric differences in the vehicles.

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