The transparent PVC slats curtain, model SDCOL is designed for zones of vehicles, personal and where it is necessary to prevent outside air currents or preserve internal cooling.

Easy replacement of the vanes in case of breakage.

Lack of breaks by shear in the top bracket to swing together with stainless steel bracket.

Easy installation.

Fixed or sliding.

Stainless steel chassis.

Support of anchor built in stainless steel, stamped with a series of holes which allow the mounting, with overlap between the variable slats, in order to obtain the most suitable insulation. This anchor bracket can be fixed to ceiling or sidewall.

Flexible and resistant, PVC slats with mooring in stainless steel plate.

PVC slats can be transparent or opaque (grey), for ambient temperatures or negative temperatures with polar PVC slats, to prevent the cracking of these temperatures, rounded as applied correctly and timely overlapping between them guarantee a high level of thermal and acoustic insulation. Its characteristic of antideteroration not putrescible, are especially done also for the food sector. Pivot system for not resistance.

Slats of different widths and thicknesses.

Measured in millimeters:

Width 200 mm. X 3 mm. thickness, width 300 mm. X 3 mm. thickness, width 400 mm. X 4 mm. thickness.