By placing a wheel chocks in front of truck wheel, it increases safety in load and unload. The purchase of a wheel chocks in a very attractive economic solution.

The Speed Door wheel chocks SD-AWC-S (standard) and SD-AWC-D (optional) can be connected to the control boxes of the levelling ramp, industrial door, or traffic lights (exterior) or light (indoor) signals.

When the wheel chocks are placed, dock levellers are used, the industrial door opens, or light up the (foreign) lights red / or green (the Interior).

Once wheel chock is removed, the (foreign) traffic light becomes green and bright (interiors) signals to red to indicate that there is an unsafe load situation and download.

Made of long-lasting rubber and comes with a handle.

AWC-RS model is symmetrical and comes with a ring.

(*) includes handle

AWC-S wheel chock is very durable and comes with a sensor to detect when the wheel chock has been placed correctly in the vehicle.

The wheel choock AWC-S contains support for the walls.

(*) includes handle

The double wheel chock is robust, innovative and easy to use. It can be placed on both sides of the wheels of the truck.

This wheel chock can be equipped with an optical sensor that detected the vehicle.