In Speed Door, we offer you our new line of bollards, prepared to monitor, limit, and prevent the transit of vehicles in order to ensure the safety of workers and the protection of walls and structures.

Our bollards are not conventional, simple elements of containment, it also protects the vehicle that can impact against them without being damaged.

This line has been designed specifically with the function of protecting both the walls and structures as a vehicle hitting, eliminating the costs of repair of vehicles caused by blows with conventional bollards.

The strength ofthe bollards that Speed Door offers is its flexibility. They are also yellow, which has a deterrent power and make them much more visible than dark shades bollards.

They are perfect for industrial plants and factories, given its ideal characteristics:

-Protect both structured it as a vehicles
-They offer more visibility due to its yellow color
-Possibility to use on Interior or exterior areas
-Durable and flexible
-Easy installation
-Little or no maintenance
-Including anchors