The benches for loding bays are metal structures that replace the conventional pit and support the dock shelter.

They are very resistant and comfortable, provide a high level of tightness that preserves the temperature and hygiene, which improve working conditions and the handling of goods. As well as, it is trained to adapt its hatches to make trucks deposited the loading bridge.

In addition, they suppose an increase of the storage capacity since they take advantage of the interior space of the warehouse, all of this, without carrying out any civil works.

The benches can be customized, and therefore adapt to all kinds of loading dock, being as each client has different needs, and can bring corridors, handrails, covers and even have a position of 45 °.

They are made of steel with galvanized finish, but there is also the possibility to be painted in color.


BC benches models are the simplest ones, are composed only of the metal structure, which has the possibility of having an angle of 45 °, but it hasn't any additional support such as handrails and corridors.

The BC P1 bench model in addition to the metal structure are also formed by a side aisle on one side, with the possibility to have an angle of 45 °.

BC P2 bench model, is composed of metallic structure and two aisles willing to each of the sides, as well as, the possibility of having an angle of 45 °.

BC P2B benches model, is constituted by the structure of metal, two asiles with their railing on both sides, so that the passage of users is safer. In this model, as in all of them, is available the option that the bench is arranged at an angle of 45 °.

BC P2CUB model, consists of the metal structure, two lateral aisles and a cover formed by two side walls and a ceiling, with the possibility of being arranged at an angle of 45 °.
It is intended to be installed on the outside of the wharehouse in such a way that, it allows you to get the maximum use of the interior space of it, in addition to providing tightness, to minimize the temperature lost to be combined with a speed door or a sectional door.
The structure of this bench top model can be made of sandwich panels, embossed, or canvas sheet.

All Speed Door bedplates are manufactured according to directives and regulations required by the European Union.